Stark Brewing Company


Milly's Oatmeal Stout

This gold medal beer is named for the matriarch of Peter's shepherds. This is a traditionally styled sweet stout with the luscious taste of flaked oats. Robust and full bodied, this velvety ale is great from start to finish.

Mt. Uncanoonuc

This beer is named after the Uncanoonuc Mountains in nearby Goffstown. Cream ales were first brewed to compete with brewers making pale lagers in the Northeast and designed to be light and drinkable. We ferment ours longer and at a colder temperature to give it a crisp, clean finish.

Tasha's Red Ale

This simple red ale was brewed in memory of Tasha, the unconditionally loyal German Shepherd. It's a supremely drinkable beer that is sure to be your go-to choice, and will always be there for you just like Tasha was. Expect a rich caramel malt character, balanced by a bit of bitterness and a great finish.

Manchvegas India Pale Ale

For a time, Manchester was well known for it's illegal poker machines, giving rise to the name Manchvegas. there's no gamble when betting on our IPA, brewed to provide a huge payout of hop flavor and aroma, with a strong malt backbone to give you a full house of flavor.

John Stark Porter

Named after New Hampshire's own Revolutionary War hero, Gen. John Stark. This dark brown porter has a full body, complex mast character and a subtle chocolate flavor. A moderate alcohol level and hop bitterness round this out quite nicely. Robust and delicious!


This is an unflitered German style hefeweizen with a sublte balance of clove and banana. Made with 50% wheat malt, it has a beautiful pale straw color and thick head but is light enough in body to not be too filling. PROST!

Bo's Scotch Ale

This huge Scotch Ale definitely packs a punch, but goes down suspiciously smooth. Brewed in honor of Bo, the patriarch of Peter's shephards, this beer is big and malty with a sublte smokiness in the background.

Zeus Belgian Style Wit

This light and refreshing wit is easygoing just lik its namesake dog. Late boil spice additions give this the flavors of citrus, coriander and chamomile, making this the ideal beer for warm weather. Swirl the can gently to rouse the yeast, then pour.

Grumpy Pumpkin Ale

Our Grumpy Pumpkin Ale is made with around 400 pounds of real NH pumpkins. Expect a lot of pumpkin flavor upfront with some nice nutmeg, brown sugar and vanilla in the background. Enjoy with or without a sugar rim!