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4 Tips on Hosting Your Holiday Gathering

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The holiday season is beginning to kick into full swing. That means that there is no better time than now to start planning your holiday parties with Stark Brewing Company! Stark Brewing is more than just a bar in Manchester; we have full-function rooms as well. Today, our team at Stark is here to help you start planning your next holiday gathering.


Planning Your Menu

When you book your holiday gathering, you get many choices from each of our four function menus. By visiting our site, you can see the appetizers, dinners, platters, and brunch menus offered. When your guests see a whole variety of choices, especially ones that they can fit into their diets if they have any, it will make them happier and allow them to enjoy themselves. 


 Setting The Mood

In addition to the food at your gathering, you will also need to make sure that the mood of your party fits with the theme of it. Since you will be hosting a holiday party, the vibe should feel festive! Consider getting decorations and small lighting supplies to give your rented function room the kick-off holiday spirit your party needs!

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Have Awesome Music

The right music for a party is a must. Create a playlist of some of your favorite holiday songs and albums, and bring a speaker for all to hear! Another good idea for gathering music for you and your guests is to take requests. Remember that not everyone may like the same music as you, so load up that playlist with fun music that everyone will love. 


Have fun!

Even if something finds its way of going bad, just remember to have fun. A relaxed host will set the rest of the tone for your party. Once your guests feel the comfortable and calm atmosphere of the party, they are sure to follow suit, making the event unforgettable and joyous for all who attend. 


Not Just An Ordinary Bar

Not only is Stark Brewing Company one of the best bars in Manchester, it is also one of the best gathering spots! At Stark Brewing, we have something for everyone, including events for our veterans, loyal guys, and two function rooms for anyone to plan their holiday party.

We offer a fully private hall that can host 125 people comfortably and includes a full bar. If you are looking for a smaller room, we have another semi-private room that can seat up to 65 people. For more information about hosting a holiday party with us, call our event specialist today at 603-625-4444.


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