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Bar in Manchester: Let’s Talk Lager

bar in manchester

Did you know that lager is the most common type of beer in the world? Many of the most famous American beers are lagers, which contributes to moving them up the charts. Sometimes people are quick to dismiss lagers as “boring,” but we don’t think that’s entirely fair. Lagers are a diverse group, so you might be surprised by how many beers fall under the lager umbrella. We just celebrated National Lager Day on December 10th, so what better time to dive into the world of lager before heading to your favorite bar in Manchester for a few beers?


What counts as lager?

The definition of lager comes down to the fermentation process. Lagers are bottom-fermented, which means that the yeast sinks to the bottom of the vat during the brewing process. The yeast sinks to the bottom because it is cold, usually 35º-50º Fahrenheit. This differentiates it from ale, which is brewed warmer, which keeps the yeast at the top.

The cold temperatures also give lager its name in a slightly roundabout way. Before the invention of refrigeration, German brewers made their beer in caves. Once the brewing process was complete, they also stored the beer in the same caves. In German, the word lagern means “to store,” giving the name lager to those beers.


What are the varieties of lager?

There are many styles of beer that we classify as lagers. Here are a few of the most common styles:

  • Pilsner – This is the Czech version of lager. It is a pale and hoppy beer that influenced the modern American lager.
  • Helles – This variety of beer hails from the area surrounding Munich in southern Germany. It is also pale, but with a malty flavor.
  • Märzen – Brewers traditionally made this amber lager for the celebration of Oktoberfest. Today, the beer you find at Oktoberfest more closely resembles Helles.
  • Dunkel – Meaning “dark” in German, this is a dark brown lager marked by both its color and robust flavor.


bar in manchester

Great Beer at Your Favorite Bar in Manchester

If you’re one of those people who think lager is boring, we hope we changed your mind! There are so many styles of lager beers that you’ll find one that lines up with your tastes. But no matter what kind of beer you like, you should stop by the best bar in Manchester, Stark Brewing Co.!


Looking for a great bar in Manchester? Come to Stark! Follow us on Facebook for updates and specials.

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Jaime CholdenJaime Cholden
18:00 22 Jul 22
We visited on our travels, what an Amazing find!!! The food was delicious and the services was friendly. The owner even came over to chat and check in. They offered water and a treat for our service dog. The food was cooked to perfection. Tasty and well priced. The Puppy Pilsner was very good.
Lori MorrisLori Morris
13:56 20 Jul 22
This place is awesome, the management went above to help us out as we were from out of town and meeting up with our son and grandson! The food was really good, We all had the Reubens. Best ever! I had onion rings that were large and crisp! The beer was great and really cold!Thank you for a wonderful time!
Tarah NolanTarah Nolan
19:23 26 Apr 22
My husband and I love going there when we have a day off because the beers, food and service are amazing and it is pup friendly!We chose this as our venue for our wedding and I wouldn't have it any other way! The owner, Peter, worked with us so well and was so incredibly accommodating! Every single person had such an amazing time and I couldn't ask for a better day❤️I highly recommend this to everyone as would any person that came to our wedding Saturday!
Jeffrey AudyJeffrey Audy
11:44 19 Apr 22
Attended a wedding there. Venue was small but very nice. The staff was excellent and really went the extra mile to make sure the event was perfect. Highly recommend for small events!