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We Combine Our Recipes

With Our Emphasis On Brewed

Comfort And Relaxation

Our Process

Made in a 180-gallon copper still, Stark spirits are produced from distilled water and only the highest-quality grains hand-selected from around the globe. Filtered through coconut husk, the smoothness of our vodka continuously receives rave reviews whether mixed into your favorite cocktail or enjoyed on the rocks. Similarly, bourbon lovers can’t seem to get enough of the Stark brand!

Maybe it’s the gravity filter filling process we utilize? By eliminating the traditional pumping method, Stark vodka, rum, and bourbon all maintain their natural, handcrafted flavors with the utmost integrity. We never use added minerals or shortcuts here at The Stark Distillery.

Our Selections

Like our beer, at Stark Brewing Company, we have spirits for all tastes. Creating unique Manchester drinks with our very own vodka, rum, and bourbon, you’ll never be disappointed with the selection on hand. Distilled in-house with only the finest ingredients, the fresh, smooth taste of Stark spirits is perfect on the rocks or combined in your beverage of choice.

Heck, our customers love our spirits so much we’ve taken it to the next level (again). Known for the best brewpub food in Manchester – be sure to check out our Bourbon Brisket Sandwich or Stark Vodka Pasta, which incorporates our in-house spirits with a mouth-watering experience that has people coming back time and time again.

Our History

Because we love keeping our customers on the edge of their seats in anticipation of what’s next, we ventured out from the world beer. In 2016, The Stark Distillery became the first legal distillery in Manchester in over 150 years. With help from a few local distillers, we learned the tricks of the trade with native New Hampshire flair and technique, to create some of the finest distilled spirits in the area.

So fine, in fact, that our bourbon whiskey has been awarded first place in several regional competitions, stomping out nearly 30 other contenders.