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Stark Brewery's Evolution

We Combine Our Recipes

With Our Emphasis On Brewed

Comfort And Relaxation

Our Process

Our all-natural brewing process begins by importing 1,300 pounds of malted barley. After stirring the barley by hand and singing it to sleep with our favorite lullabies, our brewers delicately blend in hops from Washington’s Yakima Valley and Europe’s agricultural hotspots with yeasts from around the world. From there, using our 15 barrel diversified metal engineering brewhouse, an old-world style fire heats the system, caramelizing the sugars to imbue batches with unique and subtle flavors.

At Stark Brewery, we not only hand-select the finest ingredients for our customers, but we also handle the canning process on-site to ensure a premier product from start to finish.

With a minimum of 18 beers on tap at all times, Stark is the place to go for Manchester drinks! Ranging from our most popular Milly’s Oatmeal Stout to a variety of IPAs, porters, and seasonal brews like Grumpy Pumpkin, there’s always a little something for everyone here at Stark Brewing Company.

Our Grains

Grain becomes malt, which then becomes beer. Depending on the brew, our imported malted barley can range from 550 to 1300 pounds per batch. Because we believe in the all-natural approach, we hand stir in our mash tun without the use of electric paddles or motors. Similarly, the removal process is also handled by hand (say that five times fast).

Thus, we stand behind our “handcrafted” process without falter. Stark beer is truly a labor of love.

Our Selection

As the local go-to Manchester brewery, Stark Brewing understands the importance of meeting our customer’s needs. That’s why when you come to Stark, you can expect to be greeted by at least 18 beers on tap. We always provide at least 8 year-round varieties like Milly’s Oatmeal Stout, Tasha’s Red Ale, and ManchVegas IPA. As well as a minimum of 10 seasonal or specialty varieties like Grumpy Pumpkin Ale, Mt. Uncanoonuc Cream Ale, or our award-winning Bo’s Scotch Ale.

However, the fun doesn’t stop there. We’re always up to something new so be sure to check in often to avoid missing out! For instance – seasonal Raspberry Lime Sour, Chocolate Pumpkin Porter, and Beermisu Stout are getting rave reviews but won’t be around long!

We even have the best drinks in Manchester for those of you looking for something other than beer – yes, we said that. Be sure to check out Stark Vodka, Rum, and Bourbon crafted in-house at our distillery.

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Year Round Selection:

  • ManchVegas IPA: West Coast Style IPA featuring Cascade hops. 5.4%
  • Milly's Oatmeal Stout: Our award winning take on this smooth stout. 5.0%
  • Mt. Uncanoonuc Cream Ale: A lighter golden ale, clean finish. 5.0%
  • Tasha's Red Ale: A classic Irish style red ale, a malty favorite. 5.4%
  • John Stark Porter: An English ale with coffee and chocolate tones. 5.3%
  • Bo's Scotch Ale: A stronger ale that warms and finishes smooth. 10%
  • Hound IPA: Our newest take on a classic IPA with juicy notes. 6.5%
  • Schultzie's Golden Lager: Clean, golden lager. 5.2%
  • Zilla Double IPA: A souped up version of a IPA. 8.5%
  • Bison IDA: An India Dark Ale with American hops. 8.0%
  • Whitewolf IPA: Malted barley, wheat, and oats with a plethora of fruity hop additions to beer that is high on flavor, but low on bite and booze. 4.8%

Seasonal Selection Currently On Tap:

  • Merlinweizen: A classic Bavarian style wheat beer with subtle spice notes. 5.3%
  • Beermisu Stout: A stout with coffee, chocolate and dark sugar notes. 5.3%
  • Chocolate Pumpkin Porter: A dark ale brewed with pumpkin and chocolate. 5.3%
  • Smoked Bock: An amber lager brewed with smoked malts. Robust. 7.0%
  • Zeus Belgian Wit: Late boil spice additions give this flavor of citrus, coriander and chamomile. 5.4%
  • Grumpier Pumpkin: Our Pumpkin ale is made with around 400 pounds with some nice nutmeg, brown sugar, and vanilla in the background. 5.8%
  • Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imp Stout: 8.5% strong stout aged in our own used bourbon barrels.

Fruit Beers and Sours:

  • Blueberry Wit: A spicy wheat beer flavored with blueberry. 4.8%
  • RazzCat: Our house light ale with natural fruit puree added. 4.5%
  • Raspberry Key-Lime: German style sour wheat, tart with a subtle lime flavor. 3.5%

Guest Tap:

  • Citizens Cider

Newest Offering:

  • Apollo's Dark Lager: A fine brown lager with chocolate notes. 5.2%