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Got Chili? 4 Interesting Facts Everyone Should Know

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Here at Stark Brewing, there’s always something good going on. From our latest brew to the best live music, other restaurants in Manchester are having a hard time keeping up with the fun here! Function rooms, handcrafted bourbon, and daily specials – the list goes on and on.

That said, we’d like to take this time to honor one of our most requested menu items, the Oatmeal Stout Chili. You didn’t think we’d craft an original chili recipe without the brew, did you? Here are four facts to entice the senses –


Texans take claim to the first chili creations.

While stories vary, stews and creations similar to chili date back to the early 1700s in America. It was then that many families from the Spanish Canary Islands came to what is now known as San Antonio. Although it was not called chili, the spicy stew crafted by these settlers was very similar. However, some give claim to Texan adventurers and cowboys for the first true chili recipes.

These ‘recipes’ are referred to as ‘chili bricks.’ Simple, dehydrated blends of beef, spices, and chile peppers made for an easy meal along the trails.


The Chili Queens.

During the late 1800s, Latino women crafted stews at home, which they referred to as ‘chili.’ The women then loaded their stew into wagons and took to the streets. With small fires, the women kept their chili warm and served it to those passing by. Many considered a night incomplete if a visit wasn’t made to the Chili Queens.


Stout makes an appearance.

In 1677, the first documented stout took to the books. As one of the most popular styles of beer today, this dark, full-flavored ale sparked some creative flair in our founder, Peter Telge.

Smoky meat combined with hints of the chile pepper complimented with a deep stout – the rest is history.


restaurants in manchester

Restaurants in Manchester love chili.

Did you know that there are over 650 restaurants in Manchester? From coffee shops to breweries, fine dining to local pizza shops, the options are truly endless. And, with such options, consumers are provided with a vast array of menu selections, many of which include chili.


Did you know that Stark’s chili was voted number one for “Best of NH?” It’s true! Next time you’re searching through restaurants in Manchester, be sure to put Stark Brewery on the top of the list! From our famous oatmeal stout chili to our brewhouse chicken starkadilla, our menu is sure to satisfy any craving!


Visit Stark Brewing today at 500 Commercial Street in Manchester!

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