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It’s Taco Tuesday at Stark Brewery! 

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Finally, it is the day that so many of us have been waiting to come back. It’s Taco Tuesday! But how many of you know where the term came from or why it is so popular worldwide. Well, today, our team of chefs are here to shine some light on the term while serving you some of the best food in Manchester! 


Let’s take a look at the history of “Taco Tuesday!”


What does Taco Tuesday Mean? 

No matter where you live, you may have heard the term “Taco Tuesday” thrown around a couple of times. If this is true, you probably know what the term means already. For those who might not know, you are missing out on the fun! Taco Tuesday is the day that you can get various great deals on all the tacos you want! It is much like how we also have happy hour, where you can get deals on drinks when you come in during the specified times. What is even better is that you can find them both right here at Stark Brewing!  


Where did the Phrase Come From?

Like many of the things that we have today, we can only guess where the phrase truly came from. However, there are a bunch of stories floating around with guesses already! Many think that a restaurant located in Minnesota coined the term first. David Olsen, aka the franchisee of Taco John’s, claims that he was the first to begin using the term and has even tried trademarking it so that no one else could use the phrase. 


food in manchester

The Actual Start of Taco Tuesday

Whether they like to hear it or not, Taco John’s claims of inventing the word are pretty easy to disprove. In fact, the story (or stories) that Taco John’s tell have begun to conflict themself. Due to their claims, they began saying the term in 1979, or 1982, or was it 1983? It doesn’t matter what they claim as restaurants in Mexico have been using the term decades before any of Taco John’s claims. One of the earliest uses of Taco Tuesday dates back to 1933 from a cafe in El Paso. 


Join Stark Brewing for Taco Tuesday!

At Stark Brewing Co, we offer many opportunities for deals and specials throughout the week to help you save money on great food. It comes as no lie when we say we have some of the best food in Manchester. In fact! We have dozens of awards from the past two decades to prove it! So come down to Stark Brewing. Your taste buds will be thanking you later! 


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