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Manchester Drinks for Brunch: Skip the Mimosa & Drink A Beer!

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We’ll admit that we’re not the first to serve beer with breakfast here at Stark Brewing, but as far as Manchester drinks go, beer with breakfast is still considered a novelty. While many breweries in America haven’t entirely caught on, we think it makes perfect sense to enjoy a brew or two with breakfast, and we know we’re not alone! Here are a few reasons why you should skip the mimosa and choose a beer with brunch (and yes, we still serve $5 Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s for all you brunch traditionalists out there).

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The Boozy Brunch

To date, brunch has typically been served on Sundays, with a focus on large portions and lots of cocktails. Think pancakes and Irish coffee. However, “brunch” as we know it in America is quite different from the Sunday breakfasts around the world. Yet, one thing is for sure – some type of alcoholic beverage is always served (Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, Irish Coffee–you get the gist). But what about beer?  

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Beer + Breakfast = Bliss

We may be on the cusp of a trending breakfast tradition here at Stark, but that doesn’t mean it’s anything new! While Americans may prefer a refreshing cocktail or a strong cup o’ joe with their bacon and eggs, there’s an extensive tradition of drinking beer with breakfast in parts of Europe like Germany and Austria. This doesn’t just stop at the Sunday brunch, however – in Bavaria, for example, they enjoy a mid-morning beer to take the edge off before noon.

Did you know? In Bavaria, drinking Hefeweizen (HEF-uh-vite-zen) is a tradition called  frühschoppen! This is the American equivalent of Sunday brunch, but instead of mimosas, Bavarians drink beer! The other option is to drink a beer and eat a filling snack (pretzels, anyone?) during the mid-morning workday. Their reasoning? Beer is good for digestion. And while the jury’s still out on this, we won’t disagree!

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Sunday Beer & Brunch – Manchester Drinks At Stark

Still not convinced that beer goes with brunch? Stop in during our Sunday Brunch hours from 11 am – 2 pm and try it. Even if drinking a beer with pancakes isn’t your style, grab a growler or 6-pack every Sunday with our “Stock up Sunday” 25% off deal. We look forward to seeing you this Sunday!


Stark Brewing is located at 500 Commercial Street in historic Manchester, NH. Outdoor seating is now available!

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