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Manchester Drinks That Have Your Taste Buds Thanking You

manchester drinks


When it comes to the city, there are several different restaurants and bars for one to explore. However, finding above par Manchester drinks is not so easy. Sure, you can walk into any establishment and order a beer or your favorite rum drink. But, can you walk into any establishment and get a drink that sends your taste buds flying through the roof with gratitude? We didn’t think so.

Lucky for you, you found Stark Brewing Company.


We’re more than the best Manchester brewery

Contrary to the name, at Stark, you’ll find a lot more than beer. We love our beer – don’t get us wrong! However, with most breweries that is all you find, beer. At Stark Brewing, we’re excited to offer our customers the finest spirits as well. From bourbon to vodka, and, yes, rum, we’ve crafted some of the best spirits at our distillery.

On the rocks or combined with your favorite mixer, the undeniably exquisite flavor of Stark spirits will have you coming back for more. Be sure to check out our specials when you stop by. You never know what our bartenders will come up with next, but we promise you’ll fall in love!


manchester drinks

Ok, let’s talk about beer

Twist our arm, please. Beer is our staple, our backbone, our passion. With decades of experimenting, we’ve crafted the finest brews that New Hampshire has to offer. Our all-natural process uses old-world style techniques allowing us to monitor every aspect of the brewing process. Because we have so much fun creating brews, when you come to Stark, you can expect a minimum of 18 beers on tap – at all times.

From the year round varieties such as Milly’s Oatmeal Stout to the seasonal favorites like Grumpy Pumpkin Ale, we have something for everyone.


nh brewery


Whether you’re out for lunch or out for a night on the town, Stark Brewery is a must when it comes to Manchester drinks.  Be sure to check us out of Facebook for the latest happenings, and stop by to visit us at 500 Commercial Street in Manchester, NH!

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