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Pair the Perfect Beers with Our Father’s Day Menu

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Father’s Day is this Sunday, and we’re celebrating dads with a special menu here at Stark Brewery. So if Father’s Day snuck up on you and you haven’t made any plans yet, bring your dad to Stark Brewery! There are a lot of great Manchester restaurants you could choose from, but we think your dad wants to go to Stark. (You can ask him, but we’re pretty sure we’re right.) And because you’re taking your dad to Stark, you know you’re in for some great beer. But which of our beers go best with our Father’s Day Menu?

These are our suggestions for beer and dinner pairings.

Ribeye and Imperial Stout

Some people like a nice pale ale or lager with their ribeye, but we like to go with something stronger. The Imperials are the strongest of the stout beers, and their rich malty flavor and sweet aroma are the perfect match for an 8-ounce ribeye. A good steak deserves a robust beer, and it’s hard to find a beer more robust than an Imperial stout. If you’ve never tried one or are looking for a new favorite, our IMP Stout is the place to start.

Lobster and IPA

Rich lobster meat dipped in butter is a meal begging for the perfect beer to balance it out. With all that butter, the crisp taste and bitterness of an IPA makes it the perfect beer to go with your lobster. The complex flavors and aromas that we expect from IPAs complement the delicate flavors of seafood, while the bitter hops cut through the butter.

Chicken Cordon Bleu and Weizen

People will tell you that you should drink white wine with chicken. Don’t listen to them. The best way to enjoy your chicken stuffed with ham and swiss cheese is with a lovely Weizen, German-style wheat beer. A sweeter beer than those made from malted barley, Weizen won’t overpower your chicken cordon bleu while still delivering a delicious flavor. Full-bodied with fruity notes, a Weizen won’t muddy this chicken dish’s classic flavors.


Celebrate Father’s Day at Stark Brewing

If these beer pairings sound good to you, or if you have your own ideas, bring your dad to Stark Brewing this Father’s Day and enjoy a good meal and some great beer. We stand out from other Manchester restaurants with our delicious food and beer and our welcoming atmosphere.


Make your Father’s Day reservations today and celebrate your dad at the best of Manchester restaurants!

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