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The Best Function Room in Manchester

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Are you in charge of choosing where and when the next big event in your life will be hosted? From dinner with friends, baby showers, and wedding rehearsal dinners, Stark Brewing Company’s function room in Manchester, NH, is sure to stand out. Plus, we have a large selection of menu options to fit everyone’s taste.

Both informal and formal occasions require a dedicated space. For group get-togethers, sometimes the perfect neutral meeting zone is the right choice. Additionally, local bars are the ideal place for a casual function room environment! Nevertheless, for the best music and beer in Manchester, Stark Brewing is your place to go!


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Easy Organization 

Renting a function room in Manchester makes organizing your event even more effortless! No more worrying about chairs, tables, or food preparation. We can handle all of the clean-up for you.



When you book a function room with Stark Brewing, you also can have full access to our full bar. What’s better than direct and easy access to delicious food and drink? Plus, you have access to enough space for everyone to mingle with each other freely. No need to feel cramped or squished.



What’s one of the top reasons for choosing your local brewery in Manchester as your function room? Accessibility! So, your group doesn’t have to worry about getting lost in New Hampshire’s winding back roads without cellphone service.


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Special Events

Below, we’ve compiled a few small events that might be a great idea to host at a function room. With delightful food and drink available at Stark Brewing, everything will be taken care of for you.


Birthday Parties

Hosting someone’s special birthday celebration can be a lot of work. The last thing you want is to be running around and juggling cooking when you could be enjoying yourself.


Family Reunions

Families should spend reunions be spent catching up with each other! If they’re coming to visit for a day, it’s best to leave the cooking to someone else.


Bridal Showers

Hosting a bridal shower soon? You can count on us to handle the food planning while preparing the bride for her special day.


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Stark Brewing Company’s Function Room in Manchester


If you’re tired of searching, let Stark Brewing Company host your next special event. Whether it’s a small group of friends or a larger family gathering, we have space for you. Even better, you can enjoy our beautiful outdoor patio area and live music while you relax this summer season!

Interested in our function room in Manchester, NH? Contact our event specialist at 603-625-4444.

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