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‘Tis The Season For All Things Fall

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It’s that time of year when fall things are on the trend, especially in New England. From leaf peeping to fairs, the festivities are well underway. That said, you better believe your favorite NH brewery is jumping in on the fun too! At Stark Brewing Company, we have fall covered. Here’s a look.


Grumpy Pumpkin Ale

‘Tis the season for pumpkins. On your front stairs or in your beer, who are we to judge? Even if you think you’re not a fan of pumpkin beer,bar in manchester we dare you to try our famous seasonal brew! We didn’t come up with the idea. We just perfected it. Want to learn everything there is to know about the history of pumpkin beer? Check out our previous article.

Unlike other pumpkin beers, Stark Grumpy Pumpkin incorporates the undeniable flavors of vanilla, brown sugar, and nutmeg. With over 400 pounds of pumpkin used in every batch, this brew has quickly become a customer favorite! But it won’t be around for long, and we promise this is not one fall brew that you want to miss.



Function Rooms

Another aspect to fall is the gatherings. With Halloween around the corner, it is the perfect time of year to gather friends and throw the bash of the year! And, why not host that bash at Stark Brewing Company? With several options, we have the perfect amount of space, more than enough brews and spirits, an incredible menu selection, AND we’ll clean the mess after you go. What more could you ask for?


function rooms near me


Tis’ the season for everything fall, including pumpkin ale at your favorite NH brewery, Stark Brewing Co.! Love it or hate it, our Grumpy Pumpkin is back – with other seasonal favorites, of course. Stop by this weekend and visit us to kick the fall season off on the right foot! And remember, if you are planning the ultimate Halloween bash, our team is here to make sure it’s one to remember!

Stark Brewing Company is located at 500 Commercial Street in Manchester, NH.

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