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We’re Celebrating National Beer Can Day

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As the favorite bar in Manchester, our staff at Stark Brewing is taking a moment to recognize National Beer Can Appreciation Day. Yes, we promise, it’s a thing. Coming up on January 24th, beer lovers across the country are stopping to honor one of the greatest days in beer drinking history.

On this day in 1935, the first beer can was sold.


Two years we must acknowledge

When it comes to the beer can, the history is deep. However, there are two years that stand out more than others when it concerns the can as we know it today.


1935 – As we mentioned, 1935 is the year that our country saw its first beer can. With prohibition subsiding, many were happy to have their brew back! Produced by Krueger Brewing Company out of Richmond, Virginia, this sturdy metal 4 ounce can changed the way beer could be consumed for decades to come.


1963 – Imagine a can of beer. Aluminum, tab top, decorative labeling probably came to mind. So, you may find it hard to believe that these three elements were not always what they are today. Between the years of 1935 and 1963, the beer can was actually a cone shaped drinking container. Not until 1963 was the pull tab introduced. Can you imagine?

Our hats are off to you Pittsburgh Brewing Company, with your revolutionary invention called the ‘pop top.’


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Stark beer cans

Because of our strong love of beer and animals, we decided to take the Stark label to new heights. From our logo to our beer cans, customers find a wide range of German Shepherds. However, these aren’t just random dogs. No, in fact, each label is designed after a piece of owners, Peter Stark’s heart. For instance, the Stark logo and Tasha’s Red Pale Ale, are created honor of Peter’s first shepherd, Tasha.

With a concept in mind, the idea grew. Customers will find a wide range of labels all with a bit of meaning – Bo’s Scotch Ale, Millie’s Oatmeal Stout, and so on. Intrigued? Be sure to stop in and ask about our labels. We are always up for a good story or two.


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This January 24th, stop into the best bar in Manchester, Stark Brewing. With a passion for good beer and spirits, and a taste for excellent food, you won’t be disappointed what you find here!

Come celebrate National Beer Can Appreciation Day with our team at Stark Brewing! Located at 500 Commercial Street in Manchester, we look forward to seeing you!


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